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Future of Philanthropy: the Key Trends : Meta-analysis of Forecasts

January 1, 2020

This working paper has been prepared at the request of the Center for Philanthropy Development of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and offers a review of the key trends in global philanthropy development. It features and analyzes opinions of leading international experts and organizations of the philanthropic sector about factors, contexts and principles influencing philanthropy of the future, as well as cause-and-effect links between them. Better understanding of sector-wide and worldwide transformation processes would enable philanthropic organizations to use more informed approach to strategic target setting. The suggested vision of key development vectors in the sector may serve as a basis for further researches and professional discussions.

Ethical issues and Good Practices; Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History; Technology and Foundations; Venture Philanthropy

EFC Gender Equality Network: Initial Gender Mainstreaming Assessment

December 1, 2019

The members of the Gender Equality Network have initiated an assessment to reflect on and share their experiences in integrating the gender dimension structurally into their organisational policies, practices and culture in the pursuit of greater equality.This report offers an initial analysis of the experiences and approaches of six funders; C&A Foundation, Foundation CHANEL, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, King Baudouin Foundation, Open Society Foundations, and the Wellcome Trust.

Administration and Management; Ethical issues and Good Practices; Gender and Women

Foundation Horizon Scan: Taking the long view

November 1, 2019

This report explores the challenges foundations and grant-giving organisations will face over the next decade in order to maintain their legitimacy and impact. Nesta worked with the Centre for Public Impact on a literature review, carrying out interviews with 25 leaders in the field from the UK and internationally. Drawing on these insights, the authors isolated signals of change in the sector and focused on several 'clusters' of foundation practices. Finally, they highlighted some of the strategic choices that foundations will need to manage in the coming years. Along with the report, Nesta created a worksheet to help organisations understand where they sit on the spectrum of strategic choices described in the report, as well as a collection of seven 'provocations' on the future role of foundations over this pivotal decade.

Ethical issues and Good Practices; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis; Governance, Boards and Strategy

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Pillars of Stronger Foundation Practice

October 3, 2019

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Pillars of Stronger Foundation Practice is the first report emerging from the Stronger Foundations initiative. It sets out nine characteristics of excellent practice in a foundation, which include collecting data on diversity, implementing DEI practices in funding activities, and making itself accountable to those it serves and supports. 

Ethical issues and Good Practices

Gender-Lens Philanthropy: A practical guide for Canadian foundations

September 1, 2019

What does it mean to a foundation to apply a "gender lens" to their work? This gender-lens granting guide is part of a series of learning tools and resources to support foundations on how to apply a gender lens in their work. Gender is a key piece in the diversity, equity and inclusion puzzle as more foundations think about the impact of their grantmaking and doing its part in working towards equity in all forms, including gender.

Ethical issues and Good Practices

Foundation Horizon Scan: Taking the long view. Provocations

January 11, 2019

This collection of provocations is published in tandem with the report Foundation Horizon Scan:Taking the long view (, which explores the challenges foundations and grant-giving organisations will face over this decade in order to maintain their legitimacy and impact. For this annex, seven leaders and thinkers working in and around foundations were asked to provide their perspective on the future role of foundations over this pivotal decade.

Ethical issues and Good Practices; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis; Technology and Foundations

The Governance Gap : Examining Diversity and Equity on Nonprofit Boards of Directors

January 1, 2019

Data from BoardSource's report, Leading with Intent 2017, indicates that 27 percent of nonprofit boards do not include a single person of color, and the nondiverse boards, only 10 percent said diversity was a high priority in board recruitment.Koya's report examines how and why this gap persists, with the aim of giving leaders actionable strategies for increasing board diversity. The report explores:Obstacles to increasing diversity on boards of directorsWhat's working and what's not, from real-world experiences of nonprofit boardsConcrete steps board members can take to move toward diversity and inclusion

Ethical issues and Good Practices; Governance, Boards and Strategy; Minorities, Social Inclusion, Multiculturalism

Sharing Data Responsibility : A Conversation Guide for Funders

October 1, 2018

This guide is based on research conducted by The Engine Room and Ariadne, with contributions from 360Giving, between March-October 2018. The project was supported by Digital Impact (part of the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford University).  It is useful for funders who want to improve their data management practices and are looking for resources to help as well as (human rights) funders or grantmakers worldwide who want to treat data about their grantees responsibly, but do not always know where to start.The publishers of that guide believe that funders need to start with clear, open conversations with grantees and other funders about how they collect and share data. This document, based on inputs from more than 40 human rights funders, aims to help funders have these conversations. It lists common questions that grantees and funders might ask, combined with advice and resources to help answer them. Its content is organised around three elements of the grantmaking lifecycle: data collection, data storage, and data sharing.

Ethical issues and Good Practices; Human Rights, Citizenship, Democracy; Knowledge and Data Management

From Words to Action: A Practical Philanthropic Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

April 17, 2018

We hear the words diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) often in philanthropy circles, but rarely understand how to incorporate these principles. This paper aims to inspire thinking and action by foundations about how DEI can become more integrated in grantmaking practices and a broader foundation ethos.

Ethical issues and Good Practices; Grantmaking and Programme Management; Minorities, Social Inclusion, Multiculturalism

The Impact of Diversity : Understanding How Nonprofit Board Diversity Affects Philanthropy, Leadership, and Board Engagement

February 1, 2018

Diversity on nonprofit boards in the United States has been widely studied. A great deal of research has focused on this area, exploring topics such as the level of diversity, the motivations for increased diversity, and the benefits diversity seems to deliver. Despite such research, little is known about how increasing the diversity on nonprofit boards affects board engagement and impact. This study addresses this gap by answering two questions:which organisational attributes correlate with board diversity?How is board diversity related to organisational action?

Ethical issues and Good Practices; Governance, Boards and Strategy; Minorities, Social Inclusion, Multiculturalism

Evaluation in Philanthropy: Perspectives From the Field

April 3, 2017

This publication offers a brief overview of how grantmakers are looking at evaluation through an organizational learning and effectiveness lens. It is based on a review of the current literature on evaluation and learning, outreach to grantmakers that have made these activities a priority and the work of GEO and the Council to raise this issue more prominently among their memberships. Many of these grantmakers are testing new approaches to gathering and sharing information about their work and the work of their grantees. We share the learning and evaluation stories of 19 GEO members in the pages that follow.

Ethical issues and Good Practices

Construir confianza 2016: informe de transparencia y buen gobierno en la web de las fundaciones españolas

February 1, 2017

El análisis de este informe de transparencia y buen gobierno revela que los órganos de gobierno de las fundaciones están todavía muy lejos de entender y cumplir la alta responsabilidad que se les ha confiado. La mayoría de las fundaciones analizadas siguen contando con patronatos decorativos que, en el mejor de los casos, se limitan a cumplir funciones puramente representativas. Esta es la realidad y cuanto antes se reconozca, antes se podrán aplicar los remedios oportunos para corregirla.

Ethical issues and Good Practices; Governance, Boards and Strategy

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