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Global Trends and Strategic Time Horizons in Philanthropy 2022

July 20, 2022

This study expands on previous research conducted by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in 2019 and 2020 to understand the factors that affect a philanthropy's consideration in choosing the length of time for which it will remain active. With the advent of COVID-19, socio-economic uncertainty, and rising geopolitical tensions, the responses from 150 philanthropies from 30 countries to a global survey help illuminate how and why philanthropic organizations make important decisions, including those about philanthropic timeframes.This global research includes an exploration of various dimensions of strategic time horizons and examines strategies and operations, as well as perceived advantages and disadvantages of different philanthropic timeframes. The report also includes views on reasons for giving, causes, geographic flows of funding, decision-making and next-generation involvement.A recording of the launch webinar that highlighted key findings from the report is available to watch here:

Corporate Philanthropy; Family Philanthropy; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis; Governance, Boards and Strategy; International Affairs, Global Challenges

Las fundaciones filantrópicas personales y familiares en España

February 1, 2019

Este singular informe supone un importante avance en el conocimiento de las distintas iniciativas filantrópicas familiares y personales que existen en nuestro país y que están canalizadas a través de fundaciones, así como su comparación con entidades similares de países de nuestro entorno. En total se han analizado 269 fundaciones.

Family Philanthropy

Family Ties: Multigenerational Family Foundation Board Engagement

June 13, 2017

Based on interviews with CEOs and family board chairs at seven large, multigenerational family foundations, this publication spotlights the governance practices and structures that these family foundations have created to maintain family involvement; select, orient, and engage family members across generations; and keep the board and foundation focused on impact.

Family Philanthropy; Governance, Boards and Strategy

Foundations Giving Trends 2016

September 1, 2016

This report is part of an evolving series of annual research studies which identify and track foundation giving in the UK.This edition merges last year's separate publications – Foundation Giving Trends and Family Foundation Giving – into a single report. It brings together research data on the Top 300 independent foundations, the Top 150 family or family business foundations, and the Top 50 corporate foundations, all by size of giving. It focus on the Top 300 as together they represent 90% of all giving by value of the 10,000-plus independent foundations in the UK.

Corporate Philanthropy; Family Philanthropy

Family Foundations Giving Trends 2015 Report : Top 100 Family Foundations

October 1, 2015

This is the seventh edition of Family Foundation Giving Trends. It provides an update on annual charitable income and spending by the UK's top 100 family foundations in 2013/2014, with details on the next 50 foundations. This focus on family foundations not only provides a benchmark to the personal philanthropic giving of the UK's wealthiest individual and family donors, past and present, but also demonstrates the enduring appeal and value of the foundation as a vehicle for their giving.

Family Philanthropy; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

Perspectives on Arab and Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches

July 1, 2015

This is report of the consultative meeting held in Berlin 3-4 June 2015 on "Perspectives on Arab & Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches". The objective of the meeting was to highlight the changing landscape of philanthropy around the world and to understand how local traditions of giving and local discourses, such as from the Arab region, are building on global best practice and evolving patterns of philanthropy. The meeting included sessions covering local traditions, evolving areas of philanthropy (individual, family and corporate philanthropy, community philanthropy and impact investing/social investment), the role of philanthropy in society and its relationship to governments, and accountability, transparency and governance, and our own legitimacy.

Community Philanthropy; Corporate Philanthropy; Ethical issues and Good Practices; Family Philanthropy; Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

Philanthropy in the Family Office: A Global Perspective

June 2, 2015

Global Family Office Community, in partnership with Hammer & Associates have jointly published the report, "Philanthropy in the Family Office: A Global Perspective". The report, is the first global study to research philanthropy in family offices worldwide, and has been launched at the Global Family Office Conference 2015.

Family Philanthropy

Family Foundation Giving Trends 2014

July 1, 2014

This is the sixth annual edition of Family Foundation Giving Trends. It provides an update on annual charitable spending by the top family foundations -- a key indicator of the contribution of UK philanthropists, past and present The report has been revised as part of a new series of foundation briefings published by ACF and CGAP with support from Pears Foundation Foundations may be funded through families, individuals, family businesses, companies government, or fundraising, and this report specifically focuses on family foundations.

Family Philanthropy; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

UBS-INSEAD Study on Family Philanthropy in Asia

August 25, 2011

Much is known about the growth in wealth in Asia over the past few decades. Yet the accompanying transformation of Asian philanthropy remains largely undocumented. UBS and INSEAD investigated the changing face of family giving in the region to shed new light on family philanthropy and support its development.

Family Philanthropy; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

Family Philanthropy Beyond Borders: Best Practices for Family Foundations with Geographically Dispersed Board Members 2011

January 1, 2011

This study investigated how family foundations manage governance, decision making, and, especially, daily work activities when the number of local board members diminishes. In most foundations interviewed, either all or a high proportion of board members do not live in the region where the foundation is headquartered. In many of the foundations, the majority of grant funds are directed to organizations located in regions other than where board members live.The case studies show that in most foundations, board members remain engaged in governance, strategic decision making, and grantmaking activities even when the board is geographically dispersed. However, a few board members participate in staff-oriented roles when the foundation office and grantmaking remain tied to one region and the board members live elsewhere. In two of the ten cases, family board members do remain engaged in staff-oriented roles. These board members are paid by the foundation to undertake staff-like responsibilities. In one of those, the family member is the only person paid to manage the foundation.

Family Philanthropy

Family Foundation Giving Trends 2011

January 1, 2011

"Family Foundation Giving Trends 2011" is the fourth in a series of reports updating and tracking annual trends in the giving of the largest 100 UK family foundations, and comparing them with the US. With the pressures of the current economic environment generating ever-growing interest in how to increase the contribution of philanthropy to society, this year's edition focuses particularly on illustrating the hugely diverse and individual ways in which today's philanthropists become involved in giving. This year's report features eight case studies that explore the routes through which individuals and their families become philanthropists, creating foundations to address social issues in the UK and abroad. The aim behind presenting these examples is to encourage others to think about the individual steps they could take towards greater involvement in philanthropy.

Family Philanthropy; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

Family Foundation Giving Trends 2010

January 1, 2010

"Family Foundation Giving Trends 2010" is the third in a series of annual reports tracking trends in the giving of the largest 100 UK family foundations, comparing them with the US. Amidst increasing interest in the role of philanthropy in building a better society as public expenditure reduces, this report highlights major family giving through foundations. Many new family foundations have been established over the last couple of decades, largely funded by the successful entrepreneurs of an era of expanding global markets and capital flows. This report looks at the scope of family foundations' activities, and the role that they play in addressing social issues in the UK and abroad today.

Family Philanthropy; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

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