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Mission-Aligned Investing: How We Assess Our Progress

April 4, 2022

This report focuses on impact and ESG investing to share how our investment team thinks about the non-financial returns from our portfolio. Impact and ESG investment metrics remain a work in progress across the industry. Over time, Agility and the RBF have adopted an increasingly more comprehensive lens to assess the non-financial outcomes of our mission-aligned investments. The report details the RBF's 2021 transition to a multi-pronged approach to impact and ESG metrics, including:Considering both qualitative and quantitative data, recognizing that impacts can be positive or negative.Using the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) IRIS+ catalog of generally accepted impact performance metrics to measure social, environmental, and financial success.Adopting the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which many have seen as an industry standard, as a method for categorizing ESG and impact goals.Actively engaging with industry coalitions and efforts to further standardize ESG and impact metrics.Aligning our endowment with our mission extends beyond the investments in the portfolio to other steps we, as investors, can take to influence corporations, fund managers, and other asset owners. The report also details our focus areas for intended impact, areas of growth, and shareholder engagement activities. The RBF developed and implemented revised proxy voting guidelines in 2017 and partners with Agility and Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc., in the implementation and subsequent reporting phases of shareholder engagement and proxy voting. The RBF exercised its proxy votes on a range of issues in 2021, including human rights, workplace and board diversity, sustainability and climate change, and others. The report shows how RBF proxy voting reflects and builds on larger trends in shareholder engagement over the last several years.

Finance and Investment; Grantmaking and Programme Management

Gestion Financière des Fondations et Fonds de Dotations : Enquête 2018

January 1, 2018

The purpose of this survey is to learn about the financial management practices of foundations and funds in France.A first edition of this study was published in 2011 and a second in 2014.It was carried out at the initiative of the French Center of Funds and Foundations in partnership with Amadeis.Opinions were collected during the summer of 2018 by means of a questionnaire. 

Finance and Investment; Governance, Boards and Strategy

12 Impossibles Stories by Rebellius Arab Writers

January 1, 2014

The translator Srpko Leštari? brings together forbidden, censored or harshly criticised stories by contemporary Arab writers with nine of his stories describing the fate of the authors, their texts, and the way he succeeded in acquiring them over the course of twelve years.Combining a diverse selection of voices with a singular curatorial approach, this immensely valuable collection is translated from Serbian into English by Edward Alexander and published in cooperation between the European Cultural Foundation and the Next Page Foundation.

Arts and Culture

Wicked Problems Seminar - Presentations

January 1, 2012

Slides of the sessions which happened in the framework of a seminar 'Working with Wicked Problems' organised in February 2011 in Brussels, Belgium, by shiftN at the request of the directors and senior project managers of the King Baudouin Foundation. The aim of the 1,5 day event was to sensitize the Foundation's leadership to a range of approaches to deal with the numerous messy, and conflictual challenges in our society.Six experts were invited to discuss the state-of-the-art in different approaches and disciplines to 'tame' wicked problems:Luc Hoebeke (author of Making Work Systems Better) on Soft Systems MethodologyRalf-Eckhard Türke (Centre for Transdisciplinary Governance, University of Sankt Gallen) on Generic GovernanceErik Paredis (Centrum voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling, UGent) on Transition ManagementMaja Göpel (Future Justice programme, World Future Council (WFC)) on Adaptive ManagementAngela Wilkinson (Smith School for Business and the Environment, Oxford University) on Scenario ThinkingPaola Vigano' (UIAV Venice/Studio 012 Bernardo Secchi-Paola Vigano') on Design Thinking

Administration and Management; Governance, Boards and Strategy

European Foundations: Report On Top 50 Ranking and Database

February 1, 2007

The main aims of the research are to investigate long-term investment strategies and their links to spending policy as well as to look at the governance and management of these foundations. In addition, the research aims to quantify the size of this sector in the various countries and assess differences of approach within Europe as well as with US foundations. This research also produced a ranking of Europe's top 50 foundations. The appendix contains a qualitative definition of a foundation, a background on the methodology of the Watson Wyatt study as well as bibliographic references.

Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

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