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Philanthropy Back to the Drawing Board : Shaping a Future Agenda

October 9, 2023

In this book, Rien van Gendt urges philanthropy to critically and reflectively assess how it can best live up to the promise it makes – and the responsibility it has – of investing private resources for the public good.With a focus on private foundations and public charities, the book covers areas such as the legitimacy of philanthropy; the advantages and pitfalls of collaboration; aligning investments with mission; making the most effective use of philanthropic spending; operating systems and styles; and relationships with grantees and local communities, among several other topics. These are set out in the context of today's multiple challenges, including the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, growing inequality and the rise in anti-democratic sentiment. Considering the rapidly evolving nature of these crises, and the uncertainty they bring, lessons of the past no longer provide answers – hence the need for philanthropy to go back to the drawing board.

Grantmaking and Programme Management; International Affairs, Global Challenges; Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

Arts and Culture at the Core of Philanthropy : Volume 2

May 23, 2023

As multiple crises have unfolded in recent years, the arts and culture sector has been among the most damaged financially, and its structural fragilities have significantly deteriorated. At the same time, its value to society throughout these crises has been undoubtedly clear.This second volume of Philea's research into European philanthropic funding in the field of arts and culture reveals a philanthropic sector that is strongly committed to resourcing artistic and cultural organisations to strengthen their resilience; has a cross-cutting and intersectional tendency in its work; and is clearly open to collaborative and participatory approaches.This edition of the mapping surveyed 64 foundations from 17 different countries, and includes contributions from several experts in the field. 

Arts and Culture; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

The Art of Difference. From Europe As a Cultural Project to EU Policies for Culture

January 1, 2011

The Art of Difference is a compelling series of reflections by an engaged, steadfast and fervent European. The chapters, in words and images, juxtapose personal travels and travails and reflect the flow and intersection of people and ideas. Crisscrossing Europe, Gottfried Wagner considers the value and future of the EU from every angle -- from an underground theatre in Belarus to the manifestations of the European Capitals of Culture. Citing his 'conversion' from sceptic to advocate, the essays trace both a personal and a European development -- a movement from Europe as a cultural project to the need for EU policies for culture. Significantly, they also underline the importance of moving from reflection to action. While individuals can (and do) champion the European project and can fuel the debate, the arguments need to resonate across the breadth of Europe, within and beyond the EU. While there have indeed been some remarkable achievements, we have reached a moment when it is even more urgent to speak out, to face the sceptics head?on and support the development of cultural policies in the EU

Arts and Culture

Raymond Georis : A Quiet European Gardener

January 1, 2011

In this book length profile of Raymond Georis, author David Watkiss and editor Dianna Rienstra, offer a multifaceted profile of the former ECF Secretary-General who was instrumental in the foundation of many institutions across Europe and bringing people together. Based on hours of interviews with the subject and extensive research, A Quiet Gardener is full of insight and a fascinating look into the history of cultural politics of Europe. 

Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

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