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Connecting Community Foundations with the SDGs

February 1, 2020

This document seeks to demonstrate that the work of all community foundations is highly relevant to the SDGs and that by adopting a 'whole-of-organization approach' which takes into consideration mission, investment, strategies and programmes, communications and operations, there is scope to use the framework to enhance their role, credibility and effectiveness as catalysts for change. This can attract partners and funding, can motivate staff, board members and volunteers and can consolidate the position of the community foundation in its locality.

Community Philanthropy; International Affairs, Global Challenges

Building Bridges for Local Good : A Guide to Community Foundations in Europe

September 1, 2017

This report, produced by the European Community Foundation Initiative on the eve of their first annual conference, provides a look at the diversity which characterizes the approximately 670 community foundations in Europe. In 27 European countries, citizens are actively committed at a local level to improving their community. The differences in the general political, economic and sociocultural conditions become secondary; what connects people is their common goal. The report considers the field from a social science point of view, reflects on the future of the movement on the continent, and also provides a snapshot of the support organizations working to support community foundations in Europe.

Community Philanthropy

Summary Foundation Report

April 1, 2017

Summary report on German Foundations and Development cooperation: How 80 German foundations work on a global level.

Collaborative Philanthropy and Partnerships; Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

Scaling Social Impact in Europe

July 1, 2015

Social entrepreneurs -- a new form of entrepreneurship is paving the way. Entrepreneurs with a social mission are setting new priorities without discarding proven business principles. They rarely limit themselves to just one region, but want to make a difference for as many people as possible. And not only in their own country. After all, many social challenges can only be solved if good ideas and effective approaches are applied across borders.This is the first European study to examine both national and transnational scaling strategies and their success factors. A total of 358 social enterprises in six European countries were surveyed for this quantitative study, which provides a basis for further knowledge acquisition and serves as a decisionmaking tool that can help social enterprises choose the scaling strategy that is right for them.

Employment and Labour; Socio-economic Development, Poverty

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