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Good Governance of Foundations

January 1, 2016

The Good Governance of Foundations guidelines is based on the new Foundations Act which entered into force i Finland on 1 December 2015. The guidelines are meant to help and guide people working in foundations: members of the board of directors and the administrative council of the foundations, managing directors, secretaries general, functionaries and those planning to establish a foundation.Even though the recommendations have been prepared within the circle of foundations that allocate grants, the aim has been that the principles could be applied in foundations' operations in general. The guidelines are meant to encourage foundations to prepare and maintain their own operational guidelines in accordance with the best practices in the field. A part of the Good Governance of Foundations guidelines are based on mandatory legislation, while a part of them are merely recommended practices. Since the foundations differ from each other based on their operations and size, each foundation should decide on how and to what extent the guidelines shall be applied.More information:

Administration and Management; Governance, Boards and Strategy; Legislation and Taxation

Council of Finnish Foundations. Best Practice in Foundation Management: Grant Giving Foundations

June 22, 2004

This statement was written by the Council of Finnish Foundations to describe its mission and to outline the codes of practice that it recommends for the foundations which make up its membership. The instructions for best practice that it outlines are meant to be followed by members if they are in harmony with the bylaws of the individual foundation.

Ethical issues and Good Practices

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