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Essentials of Impact Investing: A Guide for Small-Staffed Foundations

September 9, 2015

The guide seeks to demystify the practice of impact investing and to help philanthropists who are serious about maximizing their impact enter this burgeoning and exciting arena. It includes:- Clear definitions of the myriad and sometimes confusing terms used in the impact investing field;- Over two dozen case examples of how peer foundations have approached impact investing, highlighting the investments they've made;- Practical tools and expert advice for conducting necessary due diligence, structuring investments, and building a monitoring plan into your portfolio.

Finance and Investment

Outsized Impact 2014: Annual Commentary on Philanthropy with Few or No Staff

July 15, 2014

Across the country, tens of thousands of foundations, giving circle members, donor advised fund holders, and individual donors are intentionally keeping their operations lean and their ears to the ground. In doing so, they're able to nimbly maneuver their dollars, skills, and leadership to do the most good.This style of philanthropy -- philanthropy practiced with few or no staff -- is powerful, popular, and on the rise. In fact, it makes up the largest segment of all philanthropies. In the following pages, thought leaders share their commentary on the trends shaping this type of giving and its outsized impact on the world.

Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

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