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Philanthropie et démocratie : enjeux et perspectives pour les fondations au XXIe siècle

November 1, 2023

This study is based on the findings and analyses developed over more than ten years of reflection on and with those involved in philanthropy. This document takes stock of important difficult issues for French philanthropy. It aims to help foundations in clarifying and understanding the issues inherent in defining philanthropy's place in democracy and democracy in philanthropy.

Human Rights, Citizenship, Democracy; Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

Répondre aux Crises: L'AFD, La Fondation de France et le Financement des ONG en Haïti à la Suite du Séisme

November 1, 2015

The French Agency for Development (AFD) and the French Foundation both gave support in Haïti after the earthquake of 2010. This report is a common assessment of their investment. In this framework, the collaboration between stakeholders is essential, as between those who support long term development, like the French Agency for Development, and those who react to a specific crisis, like the French Foundation in the case of Haïti. This common evaluation is a first collaborative step for both institutions towards future partnerships.

Collaborative Philanthropy and Partnerships; Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

La Philanthropie à la Française: L'engagement au Service du Progres Social

September 25, 2012

The study delivered by The Observatory of Fondation de France was based on a collection of data on 261 philanthropist profiles, and the background, motivation and stories of 18 French philanthropists. The study also includes data on the economic weight of philanthropists in France, as well as a survey run by Mediaprism on French people and philanthropy.

Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

Enquête Nationale Auprès Des Fondations

March 1, 2005

This report presents a survey carried out by 'L'Observatoire de la générosité et du mécénat' in cooperation with 'Le Bureau des groupements et associations du ministère de l'Intérieur' and with the support of Viviane Tchernonog, researcher at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). It presents data on the foundation sector in France, providing a picture of its size, scope and structure. A short bibliography and a comparison of the French data with statistics from nine other European countries are included.

Foundation Sector, History and Analysis

Motivations et Valeurs Associées au Don

February 1, 2005

This report presents a survey carried out by 'l'Institut SORGEM' in 2001 for 'l'Observatoire de la générosité et du mécénat'. It presents an analysis of the communications issues surrounding the gift, the typology of the donors and the brakes on the giving, as well as the view that the donors have of the associations and foundations.

Giving and Volunteering

Baromètre De La Générosité En France

September 1, 2004

In the framework of the 'Observatoire de la générosité et du mécénat', a survey was conducted by the Fondation de France and TNS Sofres about the behaviour of donors in France. Around 6000 people were interviewed and donors were selected as those who had given money, time or in kind donations to a charitable cause.

Giving and Volunteering

Nouvelles Alliances Dans La Sphère Privée: ONG et Entreprises

January 1, 2002

This study examines existing partnerships between NGOs and companies in order to understand the changes in progress within the sector. It also examines potential problems that might arise when non-profit organisations work with the private sector.

Corporate Philanthropy

Les Perspectives de l'Engagement des Entreprises dans les Actions d'Intérêt Général

April 1, 2000

A survey analysing interviews conducted with 42 managers and business leaders in France, Belgium and the UK. Shares their views on corporate involvement in social issues, and underlines the importance of communication sustainability. Offers an overview of the current situation in the context of the global economy.

Corporate Philanthropy; Minorities, Social Inclusion, Multiculturalism

Le secteur sans but lucratif en France et dans le monde

May 1, 1999

Second research report realised in France in the framework of The Johns Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies programme of international comparison of the nonprofit sector in 28 countries. In order to emphasise its legitimacy, this report describes the increasing economic and social role of associations in France as well as its historical, legal and political framework.

Foundation Sector, History and Analysis; Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector, Civil Society

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