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The Rockefeller Foundation's Program-Related Investment Portfolio

June 19, 2014

In 2013, the Rockefeller Foundation funded an independent evaluation, conducted by Arabella Advisors, of 12 years of program-related investments (PRIs) made both domestically and internationally. The findings of our evaluation address the portfolio's social and financial performance, as well as opportunities to refine the PRI program strategy and align it with the foundation's focus areas and grant-making programs. The report also considers the foundation's contributions to the larger impact investing ecosystem. The foundation has since adjusted its practices based on the report's findings, many of which are relevant to anyone interested in PRIs or related approaches to impact investing.

Finance and Investment

Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

May 6, 2014

The Rockefeller Foundation commissioned this study to explore the power of narrative and networked communication to expand the reach and resources of social impact organizations; identify unmet needs in the field; and recommend useful tools, techniques and technologies that can elevate the practice of digital storytelling for social impact.

Communication and Public Relations; Journalism and Media

Beyond Charity: A Century of Philanthropic Innovation

January 1, 2013

This book shows how the evolution of the Foundation's innovative practices have helped to shape the direction and pattern of philanthropy over the course of one hundred years.

Foundation Sector, History and Analysis; Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

The Future of International Development and Philanthropy: Promoting Human Wellbeing in a Challenging Global Context

September 6, 2012

This report provides an analysis of the insights offered by the Bellagio Initiative, a global deliberative process implemented by the Institute of Development Studies, Resource Alliance and the Rockefeller Foundation over a period of six months in 2011.The Bellagio Initiative was a process of deliberation about how to meet the challenges to and seize the opportunities for protecting and promoting human wellbeing in the twenty-first century. It consisted of a series of global events that engaged a wide range of policymakers, academics and practitioners from international development and philanthropy.There were three components to the Bellagio Initiative:1. A series of Commissioned Papers that explored key challenges and opportunities for international development and philanthropy organisations;2. Global Dialogue meetings attended by a wide spectrum of participants at a range of locations worldwide;3. A two-week Summit held at the Rockefeller Foundation conference centre in Bellagio, Italy, in November 2011.This report reviews and analyses the key messages from all three of these components before providing a synthesis of the main observations and recommendations in its conclusion.

International Affairs, Global Challenges

ACCCRN City Projects

August 1, 2012

As of August 2012, the Rockefeller Foundation has approved and funded 23 city projects that build urban climate change resilience (UCCR). These interventions have been initiated in the 10 core ACCCRN cities and have amounted to US $9.4 million, with some additional contributions from local governments and other local partners. Through ACCCRN, new projects in the 10 core cities will continue to be initiated until 2014, further expanding the base of practice. The city projects include both "hard" and "soft" measures, span multiple thematic sectors -- flood/ drainage, disaster risk reduction, water resources, housing and health -- with most projects addressing more than one sector in a single intervention. They also employ a range of approaches e.g. planning, further analysis, direct action, and coordination mechanisms.This catalogue provides a brief overview of ACCCRN city projects across 10 cities.The following project sheets provide basic information about the city project, intended impacts and key beneficiaries.They also highlight the climate change vulnerabilities and urban issues that each project aims to address, as well as how projects contribute to improved urban climate resilience of the city's systems. These aspects are further explained below and are highlighted in each project sheet.

Environment and Sustainable Development

Philanthropy: Current Context and Future Outlook

November 1, 2011

This report attempts to provide an overview of philanthropy and the "philanthropic eco-system" that has evolved over the recent decade. Special focus of the report is on overseas philanthropy and phianthropic money for development causes. This report approaches the still heated debate around development and aid from various angles, bringing the perspectives of grantees and recipients of philanthropic development resources to the table as well as those of funders and donors. It represents an aggregation of available data on resources and money flows as well as an extensive qualitative analysis of the philanthropic eco-system based on in-depth interviews with leading experts.

Finance and Investment; International Affairs, Global Challenges; Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

Islamic Philanthropy and Wellbeing

November 1, 2011

This paper examines the contemporary role of Islamic philanthropy in promoting human wellbeing.

Foundation Sector, History and Analysis; Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History; Religion

The Role and Limitations of Philanthropy

November 1, 2011

In this paper Edwards argues on the role and limitations of philanthropy, especially the domination of the ultra rich in the philanthropic field, which he argues displaces attention from strategies that remain vitally important for wellbeing, and which weakens the synergies that exist between grants and investments in philanthropy, political and economic risk-taking, and social change and social goods.

Philanthropy, Theory, Philosophy and History

Unlocking the Power of the Proxy: How Active Foundation Proxy Voting Can Protect Endowments and Boost Philanthropic Missions

January 1, 2004

This report describes how foundations can and should institute a system of proxy voting, or a system by which shareholders can voice issues relating to corporate governance and ensure that their vote is cast. Proxy voting can reinforce the foundation's mission, support environmental and social goals as well as improve management, transparency and accountability. The report describes steps involved in creating a proxy voting system and ways in which to maintain and monitor it.

Finance and Investment

Nonprofit Capital: A Review of Problems and Strategies

July 2, 2001

This book was commissioned by two major foundations to review challenges and opportunities that non-profit organisations face in attempting to meet their need for financial capital. Based on interviews and a literature review, the paper presents a summary of strategies and practices in fields such as: reforming the non-profit capital market; reforming philanthropy; and expanding access to private capital markets.

Finance and Investment

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