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This report by the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) found that a growing number of its members are pursuing ambitious and effective practice, driven by a desire to make the most of their resources that are increasingly in demand. Amid the global pandemic and a greater focus on inequality in society, foundations are seeking to strengthen their governance, be more transparent, reduce the burden on grantees and improve their staff and board diversity. 

'Becoming Stronger Foundations' showcases more than 50 practical examples of how ACF members are putting into action the 'pillars of practice' from ACF's Stronger Foundations initiative. More than half of the examples are from smaller foundations awarding less than £1m a year in grants, showing that no type or size of foundation has a monopoly on being ambitious and effective. 

Becoming Stronger Foundations: Examples of ambitious and effective practice from the first year of the Stronger Foundations self-assessment tool