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Civil society around the world is in flux. New forms of civic activism have taken shape, ranging from protest movements to community-level forums and online campaigns by individual activists.This analysis charts how civic activism is evolving across 8 countries: Brazil, Egypt, India, Kenya, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.

These case studies reveal crosscutting themes relevant to the future of civil society support. While there is a global wave of new protests and innovative citizen movements, many civic struggles are increasingly rooted in specific national issues. New and older forms of civic activism coexist and intertwine in a variety of ways. Some new activism is highly political and confrontational; some is very practical and pragmatic about trying to circumvent the shortcomings of mainstream politics. New civic activism includes groups espousing an increasingly wide range of ideological positions. While the new activism has been effective on some specific issues, it is mostly struggling to hold at bay resurgent authoritarian and illiberal government responses.