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Coinciding with their announcement to earmark $100 MM to impact investing, the Surdna Foundation is publishing "Mapping the Journey to Impact Investing" as a way to encourage others to embrace the practice and help build the field. In it the foundation lays out its experience and provides a "road atlas" to help others engage in impact investing. 

This report focuses on how to organize a generative process to learn about and discuss impact investing, using our own experience as a guide. Existing resources in the field can provide the technical blueprints for making impact investments, so we do not seek to replace those resources. By openly sharing our experience, the Surdna Foundation instead hopes this report will serve as a case study for others in the philanthropic community who choose to explore impact investing tailored to their mission and goals, and that it will contribute to collective learning in the fields of mission-related investing and family philanthropy.

There is no single right way to approach impact investing. But whatever course you follow, our hope is that the tools and tips we provide will help make the trip a rewarding and worthwhile one.