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There is an emerging new paradigm for development in Africa that lays great emphasis on the importance of credible and good quality data for decision making at all levels to ensure evidence based governance and implementation to more effectively impact the quality of lives especially of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized sections of our population. Inadequate data on the philanthropy sector has hitherto been a great constraint for deeper impact on the contribution of the sector to national development. Accurate and reliable data and relevant information on the philanthropy sector is thus urgently needed to reflect the potential and contributions of the current philanthropy landscape especially as the world moves towards adopting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015. Kenya lacks an organized framework for collecting reliable and comparable data on philanthropy in the country. It is on this basis that the Kenya Philanthropy Forum organized a Data Management Convening that seeks to bring together philanthropy institutions to explore opportunities to strengthen data management for greater influence and impact of the sector on National development efforts in Kenya.