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Philanthropist Paul G. Allen funded this report to identify impact investment opportunities for those joining the fight to eliminate plastics pollution as a significant contributor to the rapidly deteriorating health of our ocean. Millions of metric tons of plastic are dumped into our ocean annually, and through this report potential investors will beter understand how they can most efficiently and effectively help to disrupt the plastics supply chain and prevent plastics pollution in the first place. Mr. Allen's unique data- and technology-driven approach to some of the world's toughest challenges catalyzes innovation, improves policy, and accelerates change for the beter. He believes this report can have the same effect on the future of our ocean.

This report is intended solely as an informational resource for those individuals and organizations seeking to support solutions to the problem of ocean plastics. It is not intended to prescribe specific investment approaches, speculate about potential risks or returns, or recommend individual companies for investment. And, as always, investors need to conduct their own extensive due diligence on these suggestions before making any investments. This report does not claim to have completed exhaustive due diligence on any of these approaches.

This report has been produced by Encourage Capital who takes full responsibility for the report's contents and conclusions. While our technical advisors and the many organizations consulted have greatly informed the content of this report, their participation does not necessarily imply endorsement of the report's contents or its conclusions. We are very thankful for their contributions.

Sea of Opportunity: Supply Chain Investment Opportunities to Address Marine Plastic Pollution (Executive Summary)